Woman arrested for throwing billiard balls at her boss after showing up drunk and getting fired

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Ashley Priola has been charged with assault and battery for hurling a billiard ball at her manager’s face at the Red Dog Saloon, where both women worked. (Photo: Courtesy of Oklahoma County Jail via Fox 25)

An Oklahoma City woman who was fired for showing up to work intoxicated was later arrested for retaliating against her boss by allegedly assaulting her with billiard balls.

Ashley Priola was reportedly drunk when she arrived at the Red Dog Saloon, and when her manager, Hollie Jones, gave her permission to dance anyway, things went from bad to worse, according to Fox 25. Jones told police Priola fell twice while onstage, so she fired her for coming to work intoxicated.

Priola didn’t take the news well. She allegedly picked up two billiard balls and hurled them at Jones. One ball struck Jones in the face, but the second ball missed her. A witness, Heather Daugherty, corroborated the story, according to the news station. 

After the assault, the suspect reportedly fled the scene. When police arrived, they found Priola in a convenience store in the back room of the Red Dog Saloon. They arrested her for assault and battery and transported her to Oklahoma County Jail. On the way, Priola had a meltdown, according to police. Continue Reading

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