WATCH: Cops pull an epileptic man out of his car by force, causing him to have a seizure!

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A police officer was recorded ripping an innocent passenger from a vehicle, causing him to have a seizure and then assaulting and arresting him for no reason.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ — Christopher Kiraly and his friend were on their way to dinner last month when they were harassed, assaulted, and arrested by police, for absolutely no reason. Kiraly, who is a diagnosed epileptic, went into a seizure during the stop and instead of giving him help, two Egg Harbor Township police officers beat and arrested him. The entire rights-violating debacle was captured on Kiraly’s cell phone.

In an exclusive interview with the Free Thought Project, Kiraly explained how he and his friend had just pulled into the parking lot at the Golden Corral buffet to eat dinner when officer McKenney began harassing him.

As the video shows, the officer claims he approached them because Kiraly “ashed out of the window.”

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