No jail time for Bay Area woman accused of trying to drown baby in McDonald’s toilet

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Sarah Jane Lockner was accused of trying to drown her newborn baby in a bathroom. (San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office)

REDWOOD CITY, CA (Gray News) – Sarah Jane Lockner will spend the next four years on supervised probation but will not be going to prison.

The 27-year-old Redwood City woman was accused of trying to drown her newborn son in a McDonald’s toilet back in September 2017, mere moments after giving birth.

Originally, prosecutors charged Lockner with attempted murder, but the terms of her plea deal removed that charge from the case, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

She pleaded no contest to felony child endangerment back in January. Judge Stephanie Garratt handed down a one-year jail sentence last Friday, but she’s getting credit for time already spent behind bars.

Coworkers knew something was wrong when she kept making runs to the restroom on the day of the alleged incident. Lockner had complained of stomach pains throughout the shift.

At one point, a coworker went to check on her well-being and saw blood on the floor, which Lockner dismissed as the result of a heavy period.

Still, when a second coworker went to check on her, she peeked over the stall and allegedly saw Lockner holding the newborn face down in the toilet, The Mercury News reported.

Persecutors said Lockner begged the coworker not to call police, but she did anyway.

Responding officers found the boy not breathing and without a pulse. He survived the ordeal and has been living with his father’s aunt.

Authorities said this was Lockner’s second child. She’d given birth to another child at home five years earlier.

She reportedly didn’t know she was pregnant in either case.

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