Lesbian Makeup Artist Not Hired, Unless She ‘Changes Her Mind About Being Gay’

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A Texas bride-to-be has sparked immense outrage after she reportedly refused to book a makeup artist for the sole reason that she was gay and sent her a series of text messages on why being a lesbian is “sinful”.

Cosmetics expert Kristian Cardenas, from Lubbock, said she was completely shocked by the woman’s shift in attitude after her sexuality was revealed on June 12. Her interaction with the woman, who has not been named, started out amicably with the woman inquiring about pricing for Cardenas’ services.

The interaction ended with the anonymous bridezilla declaring that she didn’t want Cardenas anywhere near her wedding. However, she soon changed her tune and asked Cardenas to let her know if she “changes her mind” about her sexuality in time for the ceremony so she can hedge a booking after all.

The young makeup artist took to social media and uploaded pictures of the vile interaction, accompanying the screenshots with a message urging people to be kind to one another regardless of their differences. Cardenas’ post has since been liked 310,000 times and received in excess of 71,000 retweets, in turn sparking an online outrage of sorts. 

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