Girlfriend Who Was Beaten, Stabbed for 40 Minutes by Bodybuilder Boyfriend Wants ALL Charges Dropped! (Graphic Video)

Attorneys for a bodybuilder accused of severely beating his girlfriend in a Washington Township home complained that video of the incident that was released by Macomb prosecutors prejudiced the jury pool against their client.

Camilla Barkovic and David Griem, attorneys for Paul Bashi, told a judge in court Thursday they are worried about their client getting a fair trial due to the video and comments by the prosecutor.

Barkovic called the release “spurious.”

“The Prosecutor’s Office has released pieces of evidence in the case,” Barkovic said. “That is very problematic. I think some statements out of that office are problematic, regarding the guilty of my client.”

“The timing of the release bothered me,” Griem added, making a comparison to closing a barn door after the animals have fled.

“All the animals in the barn are gone,” he said.

A 40-minute video from an in-home surveillance camera was released last September nearly two months after the Sheriff’s Office arrested Bashi, 36, formerly of Royal Oak and Rochester Hills, and prosecutors charged him with attempted murder, torture and delivery of non-narcotic drugs, steroids,for the July 29 incident.

“She was within an inch of (losing) her life in this case,” Smith told a TV station. “We’re going to do everything we can to convict him.”

Two assistant prosecutors in court described the beating as “brutal,” “vicious” and “disturbing to view, and the worst nonfatal beating they have ever seen.

The victim, Kristina Perry, suffered more than 100 kicks, 50 punches and two dozen stabs, and was hit multiple times with a chair and had two lighted candles thrown on her.

Griem has said the incident resulted from “roid rage,” a reference to steroids consumed by Bashi, a body builder.

Perry, who was 22 at the time, is supporting Bashi and has asked prosecutors to drop the charges. Continue reading