A father stepped out to smoke and left his baby alone on a train.

Footage shows the heart-stopping moment a panicking father chases down a moving Rapid Transit train after he left his baby alone on board to smoke a cigarette at Windermere Station in Cleveland, Ohio.

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio– The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video showing the frantic moments after a man had stepped off an RTA train at a stop just for a moment, and it was a moment too long as the train pulled away with the man’s baby still on board.

It happened recently at the Windermere station in East Cleveland. So how did a baby get left on board alone?

Video from the platform shows a man outside the train during a stop, but then the doors close, and the man finds himself pounding on the doors as the train moves out.

RTA dispatch audio shows a passenger alerted the train operator, the baby had been left alone. Continue Reading